Логотип КостромарегионторфOn January 15, 2001 "Kostromaregiontorf" Ltd. started its production activities, created on the basis of "Miskovskoe" peat deposit (peat reserves - more than 30 million tons). It was approved by the investment project, which aims - the restoration of production facilities "Miskovskoe" and "Suhonogovskoe" peat deposits to increase supplies of peat on the Kostroma Thermoelectric plant №1. To run an investment project "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Kostroma" Ltd. (up to 2010 –«Kostromaregiongaz» Ltd.) has allocated 23.6 million rubles.

In 2009 the company was developed by the investment project "Increase of peat extraction on Miskovskoe" peat deposit. During the realization of the project the amount of investments amounted to 55.6 million rubles. The company purchased a peat and loading equipment and started developing of peat deposits with a new production capacity.

In 2012, "Kostromaregiontorf" Ltd. plans to increase production of peat not less than 20 000 tons and above all, through the development of new peat deposits in Pyschugsk area (fields are "Chapyzhnoe", "Kremnevj" and "Petrovskoe" - total reserves of peat 12 234 tons) for supplying of Thermal Power Plant of Sharya city. Another plan is to produce sod peat, which can replace coal as the fuel for electric power plants. Regional consumers will receive a new environmentally friendly fuel, which is the replacement of coal. It will reduce their costs by more than 30%, and the budget system of the Kostroma region will have further supplemented by nine million rubles per year.

The company also intends to organize the downstream processing of peat to produce fundamentally new kinds of products for agricultural purposes.

Peat - a precious gift of nature, competent and efficient to use it (apart from fuel feedstock) offers endless opportunities in agriculture and horticulture. Employees of "Kostromaregiontorf" Ltd. in cooperation with the leading scientists of Kostroma State Agricultural Academy are working on producing high-quality and environmentally friendly soil mixtures based on peat for improving soil fertility.

Today the company produces and sells: peat mixtures, lawn soil and peat with sapropel.